Windshield Repair at Tintshield

Windshield Repair

Tint Shield offers the timely repair solution to windshield stone chips.  Replacing an entire windshield is often unnecessary; and it is expensive.

Our Tint Shield replacement alternative is both safe and inexpensive, and will restore the strength and clarity to your windshield, and prevent costly replacement.

If the damage on your windshield is smaller than a loonie, and is located anywhere but directly in your line of vision, we can probably fix it for you and prevent further damage spread...something that will occur via cracks if you fail to address it.

And believe it or not, most windshield repairs are complete inside an hour.

Chipped windshield?  Annoying, no doubt.

But with Tint Shield on the case, that chipped windshield need not incur you heavy expenditures, either in time or to your pocketbook.

Bring your chip to us today. And here at Tint Shield, we’ll make it like it never happened.

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