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Paint Protection

Tint Shield offers two choices in automotive paint protection. The first is a protective solution for those body parts whose location results in the highest percentage of road damage: your vehicle’s hood, fender, mirror and bumpers.

This solution is called Paint Protection Film, and our 3M Paint Protection Film is the leader in the market. It is an extremely flexible, clear layer of thermoplastic urethane, designed to exhibit properties offering the maximum in protection for surfaces in high wear areas. 3M Paint Protection Film will not chip, scratch or weather.




The film can be applied in various configurations, each of which covers a different area. The basic package protects your car’s hood, fender and mirrors. A better coverage is obtained when you select the front bumper package. Best protection is obtained via the full coverage package, where we install PPF across your front bumper, and also on the hood, the fender and mirrors.

PPF is completely clear, and after application, is virtually invisible; it simply disappears...we challenge anyone to detect it. Invisible or not, a PPF completely protects against stones, road debris and scratches, bug acids, bird droppings, winter salt and sand, and even protects your car during minor impacts.

Tint Shield is also a PROSKIN dealer and installer, and is proud to provide our customers with the benefits of this system for their vehicles. It is specially designed to protect paint protection film, make it easier to maintain and keep it looking new.

The second option for entire-body paint protection is our specially-blended all-over autobody paint protector, a liquid applied by our service specialists to fully cover your car. This product penetrates into the areas of application and creates a high-gloss barrier for long-lasting protection and durability.

Protection afforded via this product:

  • It withstands freezing temperatures and extreme heat
  • It protects against penetration of acidic oils and gasoline
  • It reduces damage incurred by flying stones and other abrasive elements
  • It prevents corrosion and rust; hence eliminating maintenance costs and paint repair expenses

Either way. Whichever product you choose...maybe both?...you will enjoy our limited lifetime guarantee. At Tint Shield, we are that confident. Either protective paint solution comes with a lifetime guarantee against yellowing or cracking via UV exposure.

Protect the beauty of your ride today...and for a whole lot of tomorrows.

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